Little Tweetsie Railroad is adjusting well to her new home and #12 has made a lot of friends in recent months.

Little Tweetsie Railroad Trestle

Little Tweetsie Railroad Trestle


The addition of more than 500 feet of track gives Little Tweetsie Railroad the opportunity to have fun and lets riders get the feel of a short loop, but there are plans for more than 1500 feet of track. Banner Haven Bed and Breakfast is a wonderful host and has more than an acre of open land, plus a creek, which may see a trestle in the future.

Visitors from North can South Carolina have come to ride. Others from Virginia and Tennessee have also come to see Little Tweetsie make her rounds. Another visitor from Florida and several from Georgia have also come to see her. The cabin, which is right beside the track and available to rent from Banner Haven, makes a perfect place to relax and enjoy the scenery while waiting on your train to steam up.

Little Tweetsie Railroad has also been invited to steam up at the South Carolina Train Museum and Potomac Railroad, just outside Washington, DC.

It is amazing how many people love this little engine and want to see her run.

Besides local events at her Banner Haven home track, Little Tweetsie can travel for events. She has a full trailer that can also carry her two beautiful coaches. She can currently carry up to 6 adults at these events and will be able to carry more as additional coaches are added.

Greg Gardner and his Grandson, Zeb, have spent a lot of time on the train making sure she runs smooth and operates well.

Little Tweetsie Railroad has had a fun summer of operation and is ready for some fall and winter maintenance. Owning and operating a live steam locomotive requires more than just time and money. There is a lot of daily, weekly, monthly and annual maintenance that has to take place.

The track will also get an upgrade in the near future. Tune in to our newsletter or bookmark our blog to learn more about what’s coming to Little Tweetsie Railroad.